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Xiangtan Personnel Bureau and Other Departments Inspect the Work of Foreign Experts2009-12-11 President Luo He’an Leads a Delegation to Visit Japan2009-12-07 XTU Gets a Good Result in the 34th ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest (Harbin)2009-11-26 Our Delegation Visits University of Leon in Spain2009-11-26 Mr. Bernard Vallat, Vice Chairman of Central Region of France Visits XTU2009-11-26 The International Forum on African Laws and Social Development Held in Xiangtan2009-11-04 China Leads the World in Basic Research of Nanotechnology2009-10-30 The Third International Seminar on State and Society of the Late Qing Period Held in XTU2009-10-30 Academician Zhao Xu Speaks Glowingly of the Phylogeny of Pilotless Aircraft2009-10-30 Inaugural Conference on Online Campus Network News Agency of Chinese College Students Held in XTU2009-10-30 Experts from 7 Countries gather at Hunan Discussing Nanotechnology2009-10-30 More than 60 Experts and Scholars Gather at XTU Discussing Mao Zedong Philosophy and Modern Chinese2009-10-28 The Fifth College Students DV Culture and Art Festival Opens2009-10-28 Deputy Director-General Lou Jing Visits XTU2009-10-26 Technical Physics Teaching Team in XTU Identified as National-level2009-10-26 Prof. Zheng Xuejun Appointed as Changjiang Scholar Professor2009-10-10 XTU Holds a National Day Reception for Foreign Teachers, Foreign Students and Students from Hong Kon2009-09-30 Japanese Middle School Student Delegation Visits XTU2009-09-30 University Landmark--- Three Arch Doors of XTU2009-09-27 XTU Participates in the Water Special Project2009-09-27 Japanese Prof. Kato Visits XTU2009-09-21 The 19th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods Held in Zhangjiajie2009-09-14 Ph. D Student Zhong Liuqiang Wins International Meeting Paper Award2009-09-14 Annual Meeting of Literature of Ming Dynasty and Hunan International Academic Seminar on Literature2009-09-05 The 8th International Conference on Condensed Matters Theory and Computational Materials Science Hel2009-08-06