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Goodwill Mission from Hikone, Japan Visited XTU2008-11-05 XTU Successfully Held the 11th National Academic Conference on Algebra2008-11-05 The Delegation of San Francisco State University (US)Visits Our University2008-10-30 Our Students Achieve Great Accomplishments in Hunan College English Speaking Contest2008-10-30 XTU and University of Leon Renew Agreement on Developing Joint-Educational Project2008-10-23 Alumni Xu Jinchao’s Work Leads to One of the Ten DOE Breakthroughs in Computational Science2008-10-20 Our Japanese Teacher Obtains the First “Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card in China” in Xiangtan2008-10-20 Letter of Thanks2008-10-20 Xiangtan University wins 23 items of National Natural Science Foundation of China2008-09-28 Arts across the National Boundary: Seminar on Our Arts School Delegation’ Exchange and Inspection To2008-09-28 Our Students are Awarded 2nd Prize in the 3rd National Mechanical Innovation Design Competition for2008-09-28 The 2008 Summer Workshop on “Multi-Field Coupling Theory and Smart Materials” is Held in Our Univers2008-09-28 Alumnus Luo Min is Back to Deliver an Academic Report2008-09-28 The International Academic Proseminar on “Research on Mao Zedong Thought in the Modern View” is Held2008-09-28 The Opening Ceremony of the International Proseminar on “Research on Mao Zedong Thought in the Moder2008-09-22 Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Get Together in Our University for Discussion of “Idea and Spi2008-09-22 Alumnus Xu Xiaoshu is Back to Give Lectures2008-09-22 Domestic and Overseas Experts Get Together in Our University to Exchange Achievements of Research on2008-09-22 30,000 XTU Teachers and Students Solemnly Welcome the Bronze Statue of Chairman Mao Zedong2008-09-22 Successful Close of “Art Works Exhibition in Britain and Art Exchange Between China and Britain”2008-09-03 Spanish Majors in International Exchange College Makes Satisfactory Achievements in Selective Examin2008-07-18 Professor Juan from University of Leon (Spain) Finishes Lecturing on Spanish Economics and Law in Ou2008-07-18 Our Students Achieve Excellent Results in "National Competition of Chinese College Students Network2008-07-15 Xiangtan University Wins Multiple Projects of National Social Science Foundation in 20082008-07-03 The Joint Project between African Law and Society Research Center in Xiangtan University and Club OH2008-07-03