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Delegation from University of Cape Coast (Ghana) visits Ous University2008-06-13 Olympic Torch Relay in Xiangtan University2008-06-11 XTU Teachers and Students Welcome Olympic Flame2008-06-11 30,000 XTU Teachers and Students Welcome Olympic Flame2008-06-10 Delegation of Cooperative Universities from France Visits Our University2008-05-30 Breakthrough of the Year: Study into the Multiferroic Nanomaterials in Our Faculty of Materials,Opto2008-05-30 Professor Wang Xuehua Talks about Nanoscale Quantum Optics and Application2008-05-09 Library Activities on the “2008 World Book and Copyright Day” of Our University Kick off2008-05-09 Xiangtan University and the University of Winnipeg Sign the Memorandum of Understanding2008-04-09 Luo He’an and Wen Huazhi Being Selected as the Olympic Torch Bearers in Hunan Province2008-03-26 Press Conference for Zhou Xiaoyu’s Oil Painting Exhibition Being Held2008-03-26 Luo He’an and Wen Huazhi Attend the 11th National People’s Congress (II)2008-03-25 The 11th NPC Deputies President Luo He’an and Student Wen Huazhi Returned in Triumph2008-03-25 Our University was Awarded “Advanced University for Overseas and HMT Student Affairs Administration2008-03-06 Project Team of Professor Luo He’an Won First Prize of Natural Science Awards2008-02-25 Our University Gained a Grand Success in the Project Review of “Teaching Quality and Teaching Reform2008-01-22 Xiangtan University Alumni Association in North America is in Preparation2008-01-14 Foreign Students in Our University Made Remarkable Achievements in HSK Test2008-01-09 Our Students Achieved Great Accomplishments in the 10th “Challenge Cup” National Competition of Chin2008-01-02 Our Students Won Honours in the Mechanical Innovative Design Contest2008-01-02 Journal of Xiangtan University (Social Sciences) was Appointed as a Source Journal of CSSCI(2008-2002008-01-02 Our University Made Outstanding Achievements in “2007 China (Changsha) Sci-tech Achievement Transfor2008-01-02 Our University’s Cooperation with World Famous University ---Spanish Universitat Autònoma de Barcelo2007-11-12 Experts and Scholars Discussed the International Capital Flow and Chinese Economy Development2007-11-12 Professor Luo He’an Won Sponsorship of Key Project of National Natural Science Fund Again2007-11-12