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Professor Zhou Xiaoyu, A Famous Oilcolous Painter, was Employed as Dean of School of Arts2005-07-24 A Cooperative Agreement was Signed between Russia Kazan University and Our University2005-07-11 6255 Students Graduate in 2005 Continue Their New Journey2005-07-07 The 2nd Batch " Hundred Scholars Project " of Our University Started2005-07-07 Six Research Projects of Our University Won “State Social Science Fund”2005-06-16 The Discreet Expert Team, an Internationally Famous Pioneer of Graphics and Images,Invited to Give L2005-06-09 From Academic newspaper of Xiangtan University2005-05-24 French University Presidents Came to Our University to Give Lectures for Academic Communication2005-05-24 Nine Academic Works of Our University Passed Provincial Publishing Patronage Project Evaluation2005-04-20 Four Professors of our University Entered the “2004 New Century Talents Scholarship Program” of Mini2005-04-18 Shaofeng Eminent Experts Forum Began Lecturing2005-04-12 Baishi Art Academy of Xiangtan University Founded2005-03-29 Interuniversity Exchange Agreement Signed with Korean Universities2005-03-22 “Key Laboratory for Solidification Technology and Application” Passed the Evaluation2005-03-09 Xiangtan University Awarded the 2004 National Technology Prize Nominated by Ministry of Education2005-03-01 Our University Got Approval to Build E-education Government Affairs Experimental Project from Minist2005-03-01 The Students of Our University Entered "the United Nations"2004-11-15 Hikone City Goodwill Mission of Japan Visited Our University2004-10-21 Chris Marlin, Vice President of Australia Flinders University Visited Our University2004-10-21 Teacher Sophie Rose of France Won “Xiaoxiang Friendship Prize”2004-10-10 The 8th National Consumer Economy Theory & Practice Seminar Held in Our University2004-09-22 Construction of the Research Center of Chemical Process Simulation and Optimizing Engineering of the2004-08-31 Construction of the Research Center of Chemical Process2004-08-31 The 7th China-Japan Academic Meeting on Computational Mathematics and Scientific Calculation Held2004-08-31 Construction of the Research Center of Chemical Process Simulation and Optimizing Engineering of the2004-08-31